Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan


Many business-owners enhance their employee fringe benefits to place golden handcuffs on their key employees. A Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) is a non-qualified plan that can provide enhanced retirement benefits for select executives.

SMART Retirement

Discover the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation® I encourage you to request a copy of this insightful book.

See key points points below:

> 2011 first Baby Boomers turned 65 – 10,000 per day drain on Medicare

> 2015 – # of workers per SS retiree is 3:1 and falling

> 2015 US Government Debt to GDP is 104% -> 2020 ratio 128%

> Conclusion taxes are certain to increase significantly

> Deferring taxes is therefore unwise

>Price and monetary inflation especially harmful during retirement

> Market average rate of return is deceptive at best

> Future distributions require careful planning. (sequence of returns & taxes)

> Morningstar states a safe retirement withdraw rate is 2.6%-2.8% / year ($1million = $28,000 annual income)

> It’s more important to find ways to guarantee the safety of your capital and ensure its return than it is to find a high yield

This book highlights current major flaws in traditional investing and tax planning. A piece of wisdom from the book “All financial decisions you make now have a compound effect on your future liabilities. i.e. future taxes are a direct result of the choices we make now.

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