Approaching Retirement

“Is my current financial plan up to date and complete?”

Approaching Retirement – Are you ready?

If not already addressed, 10-15 years before retirement is an especially critical time to make adjustments to handle retirement dynamics. Take a careful look at the gap. Assess how well your plan covers the gap. The considerations below are especially pertinent if you are recently retired.

Size of the GAP determines lifestyle changes

3 key risks a complete financial plan needs to deal with:

Market Risks – bubbles / adjustments – retirement / sequence of returns

Capital Risks – Not having enough available capital for contributions in order to achieve your retirement goals. (are you saving enough?)

Tax Risks – 2026! could loose 50-60% to taxes – ouch (CBO estimates income tax may double by 2033)

Having a full and complete financial plan is essential. Our partnership with Protection Point Advisors enables us to stress test current plans and provide recommendations to fortify your financial future. We encourage you to request a consultation! Click here to contact us

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