Our client’s have reached the lowest level of wealth -> Making a good living. We enable our client’s to reach the highest level of wealth -> Making a difference.

One must be in control of their finances to be truly effective. Have you accounted for the impact of market cycles, future healthcare costs, possible loss of income, escalating taxes and banking regulations will have on your family’s financial future for two generations?
Help us to help you answer “What is the cost of doing nothing more?”

Step 1:

Let’s Reveal Money Hemorrhage Areas

Step 2:

Stress Test Your Financial Position and Plan

Step 3:

Deploy our team & Watch Your Life Thrive

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At Vinclair, we provide meaningful financial advice that helps people achieve at their highest level and leave a lasting impact after they’re gone.

What is Your Current Financial Plan Costing You?

Planning for the future is tough.

First, you have to decide what you want to achieve and what you want to pass forward.

Then you have to decide the best way to get there.

And it seems like the target is always moving.

Up until this point, you’ve managed to do OK on your own. But, time is running out and the stakes are getting higher. The older you get, the more limited your options become.

So, we must ask “What is the cost of doing nothing more?”

  • Running out of money
  • Downgrading your family’s lifestyle
  • Feeling stuck, anxiety, fear about what will likely happen ( i.e. critical health event, steep tax increases, ultimately death)
  • Watch net worth be washed away – again (i.e. market bubbles, inflation)
  • Leaving an estate settlement mess for family to clean up (i.e. taxes, probate, will)
  • A next generation that stumbles over weakly managed inheritance guiderails and directions

We know what it feels like to work harder and longer but feel exposed financially. Saving more money may not be realistic or would be very disruptive. Is there a better way? How are others like me dealing with these issues?

Like you, we are frustrated by the lack of advice available for families earning over $200K/yr who need a financial plan design that works as hard as they do.

How We Help

At Vinclair, we have the tools to deploy the team needed to amplify the richness of your journey.

Choose Your Destination

Plan for Common Pitfalls

Perfect as Necessary

Our team has worked with hundreds of families just like you — successful professionals who fear they may not be able to have enough to enjoy life and leave a legacy for their heirs to do the same.

It is our mission to help you break out of this frustrating cycle so you can enjoy all the finest moments life has to offer.

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

Proverbs 22:3

Safety Nets provide the confidence to live fully.

We Help Intentional People Put a Clear Plan Into Place

Our clients are focused on effectively managing their current resources to provide for a better more certain tomorrow. Below are four client catagories we are helping:

Mid Career Individuals and FamiliesExecutive and Owner Compensation Plans
As your life progresses, so do your responsibilities and the urgency of your financial questions. If you’re approaching your peak professional years, we’ll work with you to push toward financial freedom while also protecting against the many knowns that threaten to throw that off track. We offer some unique solutions. this video is information on how to save and protect more money.Many highly compensated individuals don’t really start saving until their forties, missing out on years of compounding interest. This can result in a significant loss of retirement funds. You don’t need to be told to spend less and earn more. You need a proactive plan that will provide you the potential to earn more for retirement and protect your future income without putting a drain on your current way of living. 70% of your retirement income is driven by how much you save. This 1-minute video outlines one of our unique additions to a financial plan.
Employers – Attract and Retain Key EmployeesGeneration to Generation Wealth Transfer
Employers have three main concerns: protecting the business operational system, recruiting and retaining top talent, and planning for the continuation of the business. We help employers navigate the complexities of all three to help sustain a thriving business. We understand that you are already spending 80% to attract and retain key employees This video explains how to leverage bonuses into more compelling rewards.One of the main objectives of generational wealth transfer is that inheritors can handle the opportunities that comes with managing a large sum of family money. Put a plan in place that honors your parents and ensures your children or grandchildren are propelled by their inheritance, not crippled!  Educate them now to use it wisely to improve their lives and the lives of future generations. We know each family is unique. This video shows one of our foundational elements for family money transfers.

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