Left to Right: Amanda, Marco, Lorraine

“Live fully by ensuring you have options to deal with the future”

Vinclair is a technology driven 3-D asset protection brokerage. We are located in Orange County, California. We have assembled a team of experts, computerized analytical and communication technology that allow us to quickly and effectively identify our client’s needs. We are committed to first identifying what our clients want and then designing cost-effective plans and programs. We apply twenty years of experience identifying holes and obsolete strategies in financial plans. Our national team of financial professionals, work to implement high quality well designed complete financial plans that provide our client’s with a high confidence that their unique goals will be met for generations.


To be a resource of vital solutions our clients need to manage the impact of life events – health care, income loss, economic turmoil, income/property disruption, government taxation. Our goal is to ensure there is a high probability our clients will create their planned legacy.

Our solutions are centered on integrating the advice of key experts into a comprehensive financial plan that consists of well designed and proven solutions capable of navigating known and unknown future life events.

We use a three step process:

Inform: Identify and quantify key needs that must be addressed in order to live fully.

Implement: The team designs and implements solutions that are resistant to government/market conditions and supports / protects our client’s complete assets, lifestyle and legacy.

Improve: Better peace of mind knowing your assets, savings and diversified financial positions have been stress tested against likely and extraordinary events. As result our client’s are well positioned to pursue more legacy building opportunities.