How We Help

Pursue intentionality through our planning process.

Everyone’s story is different. Focus on what is right for you is key. So, our planning process begins with two questions:

  • What do you want to achieve during your life?
  • What is the lasting impact you want to leave behind?

Through our process, we take in your current positions, plans, desires and make firm the necessary options to meet your life goals. The process outlined below consists of Zoom conference calls lasting 20-40 mins with expert advisors. Consider us your Virtual Family Office.

As we work together, our goal is to help you experience the freedom of choice that comes from having a clear and strategic plan for your future. No more feeling stuck, burnt out, or reactive. Our solutions aim is to educate you and propel you to complete what is most important today and tomorrow.

How It Works: Our 5-Step Planning Process

Your full life is considered past, present and future. We call this Life Transition Programming.

Step 1: Discovery Zoom Call
Can we add stabiilty and clarity to your financial plan?
In our first meeting, we’ll get to know about you—your family, your concerns, and the high-level expectations of your finances. Our focus here is to understand your current plan and how it aligns with both immediate and long-term needs.  Areas of focus include, future income, estate planning, and legacy planning. As stated on our home page, we look to identify “money hemorrage areas” as foundation to an asset protection plan. If it makes sense, we’ll book our next meeting to explore in detail your high priority areas of need. An initial team of advisors will be consulted. This is the beginning of our virtual family office services. Step 2 will be a Zoom conference meeting.
Step 2: Risk Analysis Review
What are your vulnerable areas? Diversification, tax liability (income, estate), major event safety nets?
The above areas of focus are interlaced. Having a full financial plan is critical for stability and successful outcomes. Each family has a unique set of criteria that is explored in this meeting. Examples of preparation for Step 2: 1) Portfolio performance concerns: Prior to the second call, you may send your most recent portfolio statements. Our team will complete a risk assesment that can be compared to you tolerance level. 2) The family estate settlement concerns (estate taxes, transfer of assets, will/trust, etc.). Be ready to discuss current status and mitigation options you have. 3) Legacy generation wealth transfer strategy concerns. We will discuss what you want to happen for the next two generations. Feel free to list concerns and desired outcomes over the next two generations. The area of highest priority is what we want to focus on in Step 2. At the end of the meeting, if you are interested in getting a full plan focused on your top priority, we will schedule your next Zoom meeting with assigned team of experts.
Step 3: Detailed Planning Meeting
Where are you headed? Are there obstacles?
We’ll dive deeper into the details of your finances, including your statements, income, asset protection needs, how you plan to retire and how you wish to pass on the family wealth. We’ll analyze your financial landscape alongside your goals and begin to put together your plan. After this meeting, we will send you the findings summary and schedule the next call.
Step 4: Results Review
Is the full plan compelling? Has our team earned your trust?
In this final meeting, we’ll go over our findings and discuss the areas that need to be addressed to meet your goals. We can then decide together if there is a compelling reason to continuing our relationship. Our goal is to make a significant impact in your financial life and future trajectory, and we’ll be honest about whether or not we see that happening. In Step 5, we begin implementing the actions needed to activate the elements outlined in the plan.

(Note: If applicable, your current advisor(s) are encouraged to join the Step 4 meeting.)
Step 5:
We get to work!
Our integrated advisor team helps you implement and maintain your financial plan for 2+ generations.
Once you have decided to become a client, we start putting the plan in motion. We begin by outlining the most important action items regarding #1-safety nets, insurance needs, estate plans, portfolio design, etc., and moving your assets under our care.
Through ongoing monitoring and meetings together, we’ll oversee your strategy and make adjustments to your plan. We like to think of your plan as a living, breathing tactical plan. Depending on life changes or newfound goals, your plan is always being perfected and we will be regularly communicative in learning when this may be necessary.

Who We Help

We Help Intentional People Put a Clear Plan into Practice

Our clients are interested in leveraging the resources they’ve earned and accumulated, to provide for a better and more certain tomorrow. The following are four examples of clients we are helping:

Mid Career Individuals and FamiliesExecutive and Owner Compensation Plans
As your life progresses, so do your responsibilities and the urgency of your financial questions. If you’re approaching your peak professional years, we’ll work with you to push toward financial freedom while also protecting against the many knowns that threaten to throw that off track. We offer some unique solutions. this video is information on how to save and protect more money.Many highly compensated individuals don’t really start saving until their forties, missing out on years of compounding interest. This can result in a significant loss of retirement funds. You don’t need to be told to spend less and earn more. You need a proactive plan that will provide you the potential to earn more for retirement and protect your future income without putting a drain on your current way of living. 70% of your retirement income is driven by how much you save. This 1-minute video outlines one of our unique additions to a financial plan.
Employers – Attract and Retain Key EmployeesGeneration to Generation Wealth Transfer
Employers have three main concerns: protecting the business operational system, recruiting and retaining top talent, and planning for the continuation of the business. We help employers navigate the complexities of all three to help sustain a thriving business. We understand that you are already spending 80% to attract and retain key employees This video explains how to leverage bonuses into more compelling rewards.One of the main objectives of generational wealth transfer is that inheritors can handle the opportunities that comes with managing a large sum of family money. Put a plan in place that honors your parents and ensures your children or grandchildren are propelled by their inheritance, not crippled!  Educate them now to use it wisely to improve their lives and the lives of future generations. We know each family is unique. This video shows one of our foundational elements for family money transfers.

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