Personal Solutions

Each of us is responsible for charting and accomplishing a life well lived.
We ensure that our clients have implemented programs that support their best hopes and worst fears. Our goal is to help our clients establish a financial plan to promote action, not reaction, to deal with life’s “ups and downs”.

We work with our clients to develop a plan that once implemented, results in peace-of-mind and a sense of accomplishment. Our plans are based on a full financial plan that includes alternative investments like insurance contracts that provide an additional safety net.

“Second-half-of- life-finances” are complex. We focus on the significant voids not being addressed by most financial planners:

  • 70% of retirement income is based on how much you save – when possible use leverage
  • Get steady retirement cash-flow during stock/real estate bubbles
  • Minimize the tax increase erosion of your Nest Egg
  • Secure the cash needed to deal with surprise critical / emergency expenses (health/lawsuit/replacing vital equipment & housing) and new business opportunities
  • Set aside guaranteed tax-exempt cash for your retirement and the next generations.

We use our clients’ health to ensure needed strategies are in place for this generation and the next.

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