I Want Financial Guarantees

Peace of mind with a “Financial Bunker” imbedded in a complete financial plan

Absolutes in life are few. Most life events are known, but the timing is unknown. Leveraging death and taxes is actually a solution for life long financial guarantees.

A complete financial plan enables one to see financial risks and likely outcomes. The 3-D Asset Protection plan dives into all of your assets and cashflow needs. Estate, tax, income and legacy planning are integrated in a single plan. We strategically imbed our high-quality, well-designed permanent Life Insurance contracts with PPAs advanced portfolio designs to create a plan that is stress tested to withstand Great Depression and 80’s interest rate conditions over a lifetime.

Our team is especially focused on a safety net equivalent to a personal pension plan with 3:1 matching funds underwritten by major insurance carriers. Please take 3 minutes to learn more. Click on the below video:

Vinclair and Protection Point Advisors have teamed up to provide a comprehensive financial plan. Please schedule a time for us to discuss how we can help you.

This chart illustrates why Fortune 500 executives and the ultra-wealthy use insurance to fortify their financial plan.  The cash inside this policy has a zero-floor to preserve principle and uses a market index with a Cap to receive on average 7% annual growth. Not shown, but this asset enables tax-exempt income (i.e. working capital) via loans. (loans are repaid a death) – Schedule a chat to learn how you can benefit from adding this asset to your portfolio.

Safety net option – core asset

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