Medicare Support Services

We assist our senior clients to identify the Medicare solutions that best meet their needs each year. We have over 20 years of expertise in all aspects of Medicare Supplement, Part D drug plan and MAPD benefits and features. We use technology with the support of the Federal Government CMS RX database to make informed decisions about the best solutions for each individual’s needs.

Medicare Supplement

You can buy a Medigap plan as supplemental coverage. If you want Medicare drug coverage, you must buy a separate Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) from a private insurance company.

Part D Rx Services

  • Annual Custom Needs Analysis
  • Part D plan recommendations
  • Part D enrollment

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug

Plans sold by private insurance companies that provide Medicare benefits.
Must cover the same Part A and Part B benefits as Original Medicare. Some also coverextra benefits such as vision and dental care
The most common types are HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations),
Cover Part D RX benefits

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